Five Reasons You Might Need a Cash Advance

There are times in everybody’s life when they find themselves short of cash. Most of the time, we manage to get by simply by cutting back our spending or waiting until our next pay cheque comes in, but what about the times when we’re unable to do that?

While you might be able to forego your regular Friday night out or skip the cinema a few times, some costs can’t be pushed off until later. So what are the top five reasons you might need to get cash advances?

1      Rent – Have you ever tried to talk your landlord into giving you an extra few weeks to pay the rent? It’s not easy. Many will decide that you’re not worth the trouble, especially as renting becomes more popular as house prices rise. Taking out cash loans means you don’t have to worry about the landlord finding out you’re short of money, as you can pay him off and then pay off the loan on your next payday.

2      Bills – The same way your landlord isn’t going to be happy if you try and push off rent, the electricity, gas or phone company won’t give you much leeway either. Neither will the council or water company. Amazing how many people want money from you, isn’t it? Continue reading

How To Improve Your Credit Rating

Do you feel as though your credit rating could do with a boost? You’re not alone! Credit reference agencies are showing record numbers of people ordering online credit reports in an effort to improve their scores. In this article we’ll aim to show you the top 3 ways to improve your credit rating, starting today.

1. Make Sure You’re On The Electoral Register

Huge amounts of credit applications will no doubt be rejected in the next 12 months because the applicants aren’t registered to vote. Whilst the connection between borrowing money and voting in national elections may not seem obvious at first when you think about trust and responsible behaviour it starts to become clear. It’s highly unlikely that fraudsters will register their personal details and address with the government before attempting to swindle credit agencies. So your first step is the most important, exercise your right to vote and get on that register! Continue reading

Going a step further beyond the most common payday loan myths

Payday loans have been facing severe criticism from both media and consumers since their entry into the market. You must have become accustomed to a lot of stories that are very commonly heard these days about payday lending. They are well known as the payday loan myths. This article sheds light on the most common payday loan myths as well as tries to explain the benefits that you can get out of them. With the rise in the number of people using payday lending to get by, the number of cases of pay day loan consolidation has also undergone a rise.

Cycle of debt – This phrase has become very well attached with payday loans. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t much truth in it. Most people are known to use payday loans under very rare circumstances. Payday loans are never to be confused with long term loans. It proves to be of great help during emergencies. Payday loans are given out on terms that make it important for you to pay off your loan on your next payday. This proves that there is no way you’ll ever be stuck in a cycle of debt if you pay off your loans on the paydays. Continue reading

Payday Loan Alternatives

Over the past few years, the number of people that are making use of payday loans in their time of financial need has risen sharply. Although payday loans are a fast and easy way to meet unexpected costs before your next wages arrive, the high interest rate attached to them makes it difficult for the majority of consumers to pay off and meet the financial demands of the month ahead. This often leads to a perpetual cycle in which the person who has borrowed the loan needs to borrow more cash, sending themselves further into a financial black hole. Fortunately, there are payday loan alternatives that everyone can try: Continue reading

Make Use of Stoozing to Save Money

credit cardsThe term ‘stoozing’ is slang used to describe taking a loan out with 0% interest, investing this money and taking the interest earned as profit before returning the loan. This curious term actually originates from the name of an Internet forum user who started discussing this technique in early 2004.

Credit card companies in the UK often offer a balance transfer with 0% interest for 6-12 months to attract new customers. A balance transfer is usually associated with debt repayment to a third party, but a ‘stoozer’ uses a variety of legitimate techniques to redirect the balance transfer to one of his or her own savings accounts with a high rate of interest. The loan is then repaid and the interest money kept. Continue reading